Get the clarity and confidence you need to connect with and convert more customers, clients, and centers of influence. 

Brand messaging

Audience personas


Clarify who you are, who needs to know, and why they should care with a brand strategy that creates an energetic, emotional connection - and, that converts: 

Brand naming

Focus groups

Brand positioning 

Brand architecture


Discover your customers’ needs and what whitespace you can own with research and insights that set the stage for smart, sustainable brand growth:  

Customer interviews

Focus groups

 Customer surveys

Customer journey mapping

Focus groups

Competitive analysis


Craft content and copy that resonates with your customers - so much so, they can’t help but take note and take action:

Website copy

Focus groups

Content planning

Thought leadership content

Sales page copy

Email copy

Ad copy

Communications calendars

Measurement & optimization strategies


Learn where, when, and how to get in front of your target audience - and, in a way that maximizes your time and budget:

Go-to-market strategies 

Focus groups

Marketing mix analysis

Channel & tactic recommendations

Brand mission, vision, and values

Get growing

Access the expertise you need to increase confidence, drive impact, and convert more customers

Our approach

Marketing strategy: Focused efforts on channels and tatics that allow you to reach your audience and amplify your message. 

Brand strategy: Meaningful and sustainable differentiation.

Messeging strategy: Clear, concise communications that get customers to take note and take action.

Rebrand and build our business with focus and confidence

“Growthminded doing the primary and secondary research was really fantastic. They developed a strong brand narrative for Stepwise and we’re able to rebrand and build our business with focus and confidence.” 

Success story

 Luke Fraser
CEO of Stepwise Innovation